Egan, Pierce

Boeken / Engeland

Real Life in Ireland;

-Bestelnummer: BME222.182-

or, The Day and Night Scenes, Rovings, Rambles, and Sprees, Bulls, Blunders, Bodderation, and Blarney, of Brian Boru, Esq. and his elegant friend Sir Shawn O’Dogherty. Exhibiting a real Picture of Characters,Manners,&c.In Hich and Low Life, In Dublin and various Parts of Ireland.Embellished with humorous coloured engravings,from original desigus by most eminent artists. By a Real Paddy.
London: Jones and Company, Temple of the Muses, Late Lackington’s, Finsbury Square. 1829. Fourth edition. 8vo. Frontispiece by William Heath, 18 hand-colored plates after Henry Alken and others.

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