Carey, David.

Boeken / Engeland

Life in Paris;

-Bestelnummer: BMFR233.2024-

Comprising the Rambles, Sprees, and Amours, of Dick Wildfire, of Corinthian Celebrity, and his Bang-up Companions, Squire Jenkins and Capitain O’Shuffleton; with the Whimsical adventures of the Fine Halibut Family; including Sketches of a variety of other Eccentric Characters in the French Metropolis. London by John Fairburn.1822. Embellished with twenty one (21) Coloured plates representing scenes from Real Live, designed and engreved by Mr.George Cruikshank. Enriched also with Twenty-two (22) engravings on Wood, drawn by the same artist, and executed by Mr.White. (xxiv) 489pp.8vo.

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