Reize naar Frankrijk

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Adriaan van der Willigen

-Bestelnummer: PB-064-

Reize door Frankrijk, in Gemeenzame Brieven door Adriaan van der Willigen aan den uitgever, met platen. Te Haarlem bij A.Loosjes, Pz. 1805
1st edition,3 parts in one Large 8Vo. Contemporary half calf, spine gilt with wine red title-labels. Edges somewhat vagued, board at frontside also rubbed. 570 pages. 23 engravings by Hendrik Schwegman and H.Roosing and a folded map of France.
Very nice, rare account of the travels of Adriaan van der Willigen through France. First ‘modern’ Dutch account of Paris.
In 1802, the author , at the age of 37 went for a long journey through France, Italy,Oostenrijk, Switzerland and Germany and returned to Holland three years later. He could afford it because of a huge inheritance of his grandmothert hat made it possible for him to devote his life to arts, culture and travel. He was raised in a conservative Royalist family, but at certain age felt sympathy for the democratic patriots-movement. He was very curious about the revolutionary Paris in those days and so it became his first destination. Het took the usual route from Antwerp, Brussels, Valenciennes, Peronne and Roye. He would stay no less than two years in Paris and wrote a fascinating portrait of the city. He writes about the houses of the Parisians, about their fashion, their way of living , the bathing in the Seine and inside their homes, about food, religion etc. He also wrote about the political system of France, and about science and arts.
This first edition was banned by the later French authorities in Holland. (Source: ).
See also our copy of the other work by Van der Willigen at this website: A trtip to Naples from Paris.

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